Pumping vs. Cleaning

There is a slight difference between septic tank pumping out and septic tank cleaning. Finding out the difference between the two can affect your decision on which service you’ll need to improve your septic system’s performance.

Septic tank pumping only removes all the liquid sewage but not all the sludge at the septic tank floor. Some sludge can get hard and heavy which makes it impossible to remove using a vacuum truck hose. On the other hand, septic tank cleaning is removing all the liquid and solid waste from the tank.

Septic tank pumping frequency varies from one household to another. On average, septic tanks should be cleaned once every three years. Smaller septic tanks should be cleaned once a year.

In general, the septic tank pumping schedule is based on the size of the tank, the size of the household, and the level of usage.

It helps to know the signs when your septic tank needs pumping out:

• your kitchen sink drains, bathroom drains, and toilets are running slow

• you see a wastewater backup in your sewer line

• there’s a pool of water over your drain field

• a foul odor is present in your home

It is important that a septic system should be checked regularly to keep it working properly. Leaving it unchecked for several years could lead to costly repairs.

Of course, any homeowner can do periodic septic system check-ups. All they need to do is measure the distance between the scum layer and the outlet pipe, which is about 6 inches according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

However, there are health and safety hazards involved when measuring the scum level on septic tanks. We highly recommend leaving this task to a certified septic services contractor. They have the proper equipment and trained personnel to get the work done.

The cost of septic tank pumping varies depending upon the size of your septic tank, amount of labor hours, and material costs incurred while on the job site.

At Donaven’s, we pride ourselves on our upfront, honest pricing that you receive at the time of your estimate. We are confident in our years of experience, so we can give you accurate estimates.

Septic Tank Pumping Services

Donaven’s Septic and Plumbing has been in the septic tank service business since 2003, serving residential and commercial property owners in Covington, Conyers, and the Metro Atlanta area in Georgia. Whether you need septic tank pumping, thorough cleaning, septic tank service or complete installation you can count on our services 24/7.

Homeowners will usually call for septic tank pumping only when signs of septic tank problems arise. The truth of the matter is, every household needs this service not only when clogging and blocking of septic lines occurs, but periodical pumping as well as to prevent such issues.

What is septic tank pumping?

Septic tank pumping is basically the process of “pumping out” or removing all the sludge from septic tanks. Solid matter that builds up at the bottom of the tank is called the “sludge”. The accumulation of sludge for longer periods of time can lead to a septic tank breakdown.

Too much sludge inside the septic tank tends to exit through the outlet pipe. Unfortunately, this can cause clogging and block the liquid sewage from exiting the tank. Clogging in the outlet pipe causes the liquid sewage or wastewater to “back up”.

Wastewater back up can lead to toilet overflow as well as other septic system problems.

Our septic tank services

The Septic Pumping System

Typically, majority of septic tank systems use gravity to make wastewater flow out of the tank and into the field lines. In other words, wastewater and other waste materials flow downhill.

However, when the elevation of the inlet pipe is lower than the outlet pipe or when wastewater cannot flow out of the tank by gravity, then a septic tank pumping system should be installed.

Our services include:

• Septic Tank Installation and Maintenance
• Septic Tank Pumping and Waste Removal
• Septic Tank Repairs
• Septic Lines Install & Repair
• Plumbing
• Water Lines Install & Repair

At Donaven’s Septic and Plumbing Service, our commitment is to keep your property’s septic system problem-free and running smoothly. Because septic tank and plumbing issues can arise anytime, we offer our services 24/7, 365 days a year with fair, competitive pricing. Call us today for your FREE estimate.