Septic Tank Installation Services

If you are planning to construct a house or a building, setting up a safe and state-compliant sewage disposal system is a must. The law mandates that sewage should not go directly onto the ground outside the house. Therefore, it is important to have a proper septic tank installation. In Covington, Conyers, or Metro Atlanta, Georgia area, you can rely on licensed professionals from Donaven’s Septic and Plumbing.

Aside from plumbing works, a well-designed and constructed septic system is an important first step for a safe and efficient waste disposal in any home or workplace.

The Septic System

Septic Tank

When you flush the toilet or use the sink, wastewater exits the house. This passes through pipes connected to the septic tank.

Basically, a septic tank is a large container underground that collects and separates the waste for treatment.

Septic Drain Field

The installation of a septic drain field, also called the leach field, completes an on-site septic system.

Keep in mind that solid waste settles at the bottom of the septic tanks. Eventually, the effluent wastewater further flows to the drain field.

This field is composed of perforated pipes that are buried in a layer of gravel and covered on top by soil. The effluent waste gets slowly released into the soil as the final step of the treatment.

Septic System Installation Procedure

We can help you install a septic system in your home or commercial property following this procedure:

Call us anytime to set a meeting at a time and date that is most convenient for you. Our staff is always available to answer any inquiries.

A team of experts from Donaven’s Septic and Plumbing company will visit your property for on-site inspection. At this stage, we will study the location and possible environmental hazards.

From there we will draft and customize septic system designs to make it appropriate for your property. We will also include installation plans for your approval.

Before we can start with the installation, it is necessary to get permits from the State. Usually, an environmental specialist will perform the evaluation. We can get the results after 10 business days.

Residential and commercial properties must follow different guidelines to obtain permits. In all cases nonetheless, the septic installation must be done by a State of Georgia Licensed Installer like us.

The length of installation depends on many factors. For instance, property location and size of the system may affect the procedure. However, expect the project to be completed within seven days.

The Cost of Septic Tanks

Each house or building has a custom requirement for a septic tank. Price usually depends on two factors: the size and the material.

First, let us talk about size. A tank with 1000-gallon capacity is generally enough for a house with four to six occupants and about three bedrooms. The bigger the house, the larger the tank gets to be.

Next, the material generally dictates the price. There are three types of septic tanks – concrete, fiberglass, or plastic, with plastic tanks being the most affordable.

In determining which is best to use, keep in mind that there are local building codes that we need to consider. We will make an assessment before giving any recommendation.

Why Choose Our Services

Hiring licensed professionals such as Donaven’s will ensure that you have the best advice and service whether it is plumbing, septic tank installation, or maintenance and repair. Here are the reasons why clients hire our services.

First, we have established a good reputation since 2003. We are always ready to service Atlanta, Conyers, Covington, and nearby areas in Georgia and can respond to emergency requests 24/7.

Our company offers our services not just to residential homes, but also to commercial and industrial sites. In addition, we have plumbers who are very knowledgeable and skilled in septic pumping and repair services.

Second, Donaven’s Septic and Plumbing is licensed, insured, and certified by the State. You can expect us to strictly adhere to the laws and all environmental regulations.

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As a property owner, it is your main responsibility to install and maintain a safe septic system. Our team works hard to make sure that our clients will have nothing to worry about.

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